I’m new to this blogging thing… so bear with me as I learn.  I did (very) recently start a humor blog on blogspot, but I’m new to wordpress so this could be rough for awhile.

A few things about commenting to my posts.  Most importantly, I reserve the right to edit/remove comments that I find offensive or that I feel will offend people I care about who read my blog.  While I’m always up for debate/discussion, this is MY blog, my personal story, etc. 

Secondly, keep the fighting to your own blogs.  I don’t want any back-and-forth personal arguments here.  Should you choose to ignore this request, you should be aware that I will very likely jump in… especially if you pick a fight with someone I know/care about.

I sometimes use foul language.  If this offends you, you probably don’t want to read my posts.

I’m here to share – That’s what blogging is supposed to be about.  Unfortunately, sharing would be pretty useless if it wasn’t an exceptionally personal thing.  As such, I ask that you remember that I am a human being trying to process and explore my feelings and thoughts.  Common respect and sensitivity is greatly appreciated should you feel the inclination to comment to one of my posts.

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