I Hate Goodbye’s.

June 29, 2011 at 4:17 pm (Uncategorized)

My wonderful dog died Monday morning. (June 27th)

I miss him horribly… Life just isn’t the same without him. I’ve been going through some photos and remembering his quirks… He was a very special pet.

Throughout this grieving processes, I’ve felt lost, angry, and absolutely and totally heartbroken.

I’m planning on putting a scrapbook together if I can collect enough photos. I put an online album together on my Facebook and going through those pictures really helped me… I cried through the whole process, but there were so many shots that were just pure REILLY… I found myself able to smile through some of the tears and remember the unconditional love, joy, and comfort that he gave us.

Sure, some people may say ‘He’s just a dog.’ But he’s not ‘just a dog.’ He was a member of our family… He was a source of unyielding support, unconditional love, never-ending laughs… Whenever I was feeling down, he would always sense it and come over to sit by me… I can’t count the number of times I cried into his fur and he licked my tears away.

Everything was really sudden and we were really lucky… Even though we didn’t have any chance to prepare for his passing, he didn’t suffer… We didn’t have to watch a slow, painful decline nor did we have to make any ‘tough choices.’ He would have been so depressed if he had an illness that would have kept him from playing.

He had a tumor on his heart that caused his heart to bleed into a sack of fluid that had appeared… He died peacefully in my father’s arms, being told that he was such a good boy and that he was loved. They gave him plenty of painkillers so that he wouldn’t feel a thing and his tail was wagging happily till the end, even as he lay there in my dad’s arms.

He would have been so depressed if it had been a long-term, debilitating illness… But he got to play right up until the end.

Reilly, the eternal puppy.

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  1. Von said,

    So very sorry.I so understand having lost my big boy a while back.Hope you’re getting used to it, I know you’ll never forget. x

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